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A52 Helps Partizan's Ace Norton Inaugurate Honda Civic "Freedom" ...
...Nathan Crow, and senior V.P. and executive producer Gary Paticoff. For Partizan, the production team also included executive producer Ian Bearce and John Zilles. A52's team also included executive producer Mark Tobin and producers Heather Richardson and Mark Kurtz. Telecine was handled by Stefan...

2006 Economy Sedan Comparison Test: Honda Civic vs. Mazda 3
...Mustang vs. Camaro. WRX vs. EVO. Ferrari vs. Cobra. Automotive rivalries have a way of driving home loyalty with both enthusiasts and average consumers. And now there's another one to add to the list: Mazda 3 vs. Honda Civic. Even though the battle for economy sedan supremacy won't be played out on...

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Review from the Glyna, Huffman, Texas
Generally, love the car. This is my 3rd Civic, and I will probably keep buying them. It is sporty and well equipped. The wheel size is also great - like they went with rims on the EX. The stereo sounds awesome. Lots of room in the front and trunk....

2006 Civic Sedan from the Don Illinois
I've had the car for a week now. It handles great, it's quiet on the road, no rattles yet. I like the front seat height adjustment. The rear seat has plenty of room for passengers, and the fold down middle arm rest with cup holders is nice. I have driven it on a long trip and it was very comfortable. I love the Navigation system, but some...

Honda Civic History
Civic HistoryThe Honda Civic is an automobile manufactured by Honda. It was introduced in 1973 as a 1169 cm³ or 1238 cm³ engine-powered small hatch or two-door small sedan. With a "east–west" engine like the British Mini, and front wheel drive, the car provided good interior space despite overall small dimensions.

Early models of the Civic were typically outfitted with a basic AM radio, rudimentary heater, foam cushioned plastic trim, two speed wipers, and painted steel rims with a chromed wheel nut cap. Honda's current Civic has become somewhat more luxurious. Still, many regard the Civic as representing a good value for the money, combining good performance, reliability and economy, as well as a very low rate of depreciation, resulting in a low total cost per mile or per year.

Since the beginning of production this model had body types Hatch and Sedan.

EU1, EU2, EU3, EU4Oct 2002
EP3Dec 2001
EU1, EU2, EU3, EU4Oct 2001
EU1, EU2, EU3, EU4Sep 2000
EK9Dec 1999
EK2, EK3, EK9, EK4Sep 1998
EK2, EK3, EK4Aug 1997
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